Meet the creator of Zavaté Apparel

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Meet Julie Schragin- Casual clothing turned scrub designer, entrepreneur, mom of three, and the creator of Ava Therese.

While Ava Therese is the new kid on the scrubs block, Schragin is no new comer to the apparel and scrub scene. She began designing ready to wear fashion clothing that made women look and feel good about themselves long before she ever thought about turning her talents towards scrubs. Designing scrubs was never an intended career path, but when the economy crashed in late 2000s the company she designed for closed and she found herself looking for something new. An opportunity to design scrubs came her way and she thought it sounded a bit boring but it would pay the bills so she took the position. “There wasn’t much of a fashion influence on scrubs back then, so it turned out there was a lot of room to change and freshen things up in the industry”. Ten years later she was still designing scrubs and actually loving it.

In 2015 Schragin was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was treated with chemotherapy and underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery- essentially “living in the hospital…”. Although she always keeps the needs of medical professionals in mind while designing, this time in recovery gave her a new look into their daily lives and a deeper respect for the people she designs for. “They really are heroes- who take the time to get to know you and your personal story.” Flash forward four years after her recovery and she decided to create her own company and start the new line.

Schragin paid close attention to every detail. “I wanted to make something that someone else hadn’t done before” – a difficult feat when designing within the requirements of medical uniforms. The Synergy 4-Way stretch fabric that you will instantly fall in love with “took us seven months to perfect.” And perfect it, she did! It’s just the right amount of stretch and softness to be super comfy without being too thin, too heavy, or too shiny. It’s durable enough to encounter the messes of the job and be washed repeatedly with no color fading or breakdown. Attention to detail didn’t stop at the fabric. The line is size inclusive ranging from petite to plus sizes. “It’s important to me that everyone looks great when they wear them. Every girl regardless of size deserves well fitted clothing. Sometimes when the sizes get larger the tailoring gets sloppy and becomes unflattering; we did lots of fit tests to make sure that every size has the same flattering shape regardless of the amount of fabric.”

Fun Fact! We love the name Ava Therese so we asked her where it came from. “Ava Therese is my middle daughters name. Out of all my kids she is the most nurturing – just like we expect an RN to be!” Her two eldest daughters, Zoe 20, and Ava 18, are the models pictured above. “I have 2 built in models…bonus!”